Stackoverflow new SEO paradise ?

Over the years SEO(search engine optimization) has become more important and profitable then ever. How many of you scroll down and look other pages in search engine results ? Not many, mostly the result should appear on first page and about first ten results are really important. That is the reason why companies try to get better ranking. There are many tips and tricks how to do that and it’s really long and boring topic.



But how it is related to SO( ? As you already have seen that when you are searching software related question you might end up in the SO page. The SO pages get really high page result rank and this is one of the tricks that SEO users use. It is actually good way to advertise your product or company. When you search for mailing software with API support I am sure some of the SO pages will contain similar answer “useĀ MailChimp as it has 12k emails per month for free”. Well this is all great to explore new products and with also some user opinions. But now it has been pushed a little bit further as the SEO users create new questions and try to advertise their products with spamming such meaningless noise in SO.


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