Chrome missing feature…

I have been using Chrome for long time, before that I used Firefox which is also great browser but in Linux FF has this ugly title bar which can not be hidden. Off curse this is not the only reason why I mainly use Chrome.

Well it is not all so great when you are developing AJAX based sites you need to deal with different file formats like JSON and XML. Most of the browsers have really good XML built in formatting as the XML has been out for really long time, but what we are missing today is the support for JSON formatting.

Here is example of the formatted XML:
XML format in chrome

JSON example without formatting, currently it is readable but when more data needs to be handled makes it complicated to read:
JSON without formatting

At least we have extensions which can save the situation, I liked this extension called . What makes this extension good is that you can easily switch back to raw format.
Screenshot - 06102013 - 12:15:23 PM


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