As I am newcomer from Cake framework, I liked the possibility to see the database queries. So i decided to make it also available at ZF. Zend_Db_Profiler is right tool for that. I have added a bit design but you can off curse change it like you want.

Here comes code. If you don’t want to make this directory like i have my/controller/action/helper/ you need to change the class name.

< ?php

class My_Controller_Action_Helper_Profiler extends Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Abstract {

    public function postDispatch() {

        $db = Zend_Registry::get('db');
        $profiler = $db->getProfiler();

        if (!$profiler->getEnabled()) {

        $css = '
            <style type="text/css">
            .line {
                background-color: red;

            td {
                border-style: solid;
                border-color: #900000;
                border-width: 1px;
                font-family: sans-serif;

        $this->getResponse()->appendBody('<hr class="line" /><table>');

        if ($profiler->getQueryProfiles() != null) {
            foreach ($profiler->getQueryProfiles() as $profile) {

            ->appendBody("<p>Total elapsed secs: " . $profiler->getTotalElapsedSecs() . "</p>")
            ->appendBody("<p>Total num of queries: " . $profiler->getTotalNumQueries() . '</p><hr class="line" />');




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